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The 7 Myths of Getting Your Products Made Locally.


And Why Manufacturers Are Not Calling You Back.

This guide will help you understand why your journey to get your product made has been made more difficult. 




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Are you looking at local manufacturing but it just seems a bit too hard.

This Guide is for you if...

  • You have been calling manufacturers but no one seems to be calling you back.
  • You have a great idea-but you don’t know what to do next 
  • You have tried overseas but it seemed like a waste of time and you want an easier way to communicate to get the right samples
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the process of starting your label and all the work involved
  • You had a tech pack made but need help with the rest of the process
  • You have knowledge on how to start a business but as to how to make the clothes, you are lost
  • You are confused about where to even begin
  • You tried overseas but communication and timing is so hard and they are struggling to get things right

We Want to Help You Understand How the Local Manufacturing Industry Works

And Help You Create a Clearer, Easier Pathway to Your Label Launch Success

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Hi I'm Julia

I am the owner of Sample Room, Australia's Most Experienced and Leading Development House.

For well over 28 years, I’ve been working with and helping to grow successful businesses in the industry. As a designer, pattern maker, sample maker and manufacturer for local and offshore labels, there are not many garments I haven to worked on and bought to life.

My obsession with helping designers navigate the local manufacturing comes from my passion of local, ethical and sustainable practices and looking after the industry I love. I have spoken to 1000's of designers over the last 13 years and have heard every frustration, every disappointment and felt every heartache. I want to help change this story for you and your label.

My career has given me a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with you starting with this E-Book.

This insider knowledge is like gold in this secretive industry – Let me help you make your fashion dreams a reality.

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