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Who we are

Recognising a need in the market, Julia Van Der Sommen started Sample Room in 2008 providing full service development for wearable and non-wearable textile products. Realising that many start-up labels gave up after a period of time and coinciding with the launch of Instagram, Julia developed and launched the 1st iteration of Fashion Label Launchpad to help members get over the hurdles they were facing. 

Since then, the team at Sample Room has been instrumental in helping of hundreds of labels launch. The Fashion Label Launchpad has underpinned each and every one of them. 

Julia Van Der Sommen

Julia started out sewing at home at a young age and it quickly became a passion. This led to study in her home town of Adelaide. It wasn't long before Julia realised she had that engineering brain that allowed her to visualise 2-dimensional drawings in 3-dimensions. And a pattern maker was born!

Cutting her teeth pattern making for a dancewear company in Adelaide, Julia knew there was more. So, to Melbourne and some roles with Anthea Crawford, Slazenger and others cemented the pattern making future. 

Fast forward to 2008 and Sample Room was born. What was supposed to be an end to end development house for experienced industry types, Julia has evolved Sample Room to also work with those who are new the industry. Julia gets a buzz from seeing the ideas come to life. But Julia won't sit still. She can't. It's not in her make up. 

Julia is constantly looking for the next thing for Sample Room to take on and become the best at. 

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"Thank you to the Sample Room team! After having disastrous experiences manufacturing offshore I sought out the assistance of Julia and her team who have helped me through the sampling process from initial conception right through to working with a wonderful manufacturer. The mentoring program is a great tool for people without industry experience who are looking to understand all of the complexities of starting your own label…and there are a lot! I am particularly satisfied with the personal approach Julia has taken with me and my particular set of needs. I 100% plan on continuing to work with the Sample Room!"

Simone Farrugia

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